Hello world!

Wild  here,

I have been quite busy building a  Gallery on S.L. its a pretty place, full of an eclectic range of photography and Art as I see it.

There is also a Guest Artist, Kapi Khandr is showing at the moment and  I Love that mans work….

I am not actually opening the sim for the present, I am fiddling with fiddly bits,  Guaranteed  that someone will notice a plant 5 meters up in the sky!!!

It is only open to  payment on file Avatars and is  Adult only,  Sorry but this is to make sure that  there are  no griefers, I am sure everyone  in SL has experienced the Griefer.

Its usually some stupid kid, teen or a person who has a  Jealousy, Ego issue and there are plenty of those in Second Life.

I have  also popped in a few  areas for people to sit and talk, It is a relatively small area  being only  a quarter of sim, but I have gone for sim performance and quality rather than size, so lag shouldn’t be an issue.

There will be further  updates as to opening and events, just check this blog or my Flickr stream


I will  be exhibiting my Ten Layers of Shit  Series, which  in all honesty started out as a parody, i see so many SL artists  churning out so much shit,  My humor got the better of me.

However I am actually enjoying  the  infinite possibilities of  adding ten layers of shit(or filters to the prooooofesssional)

its quite cathartic!.

Well  you  are invited to visit if you  so wish, its the offer that counts I guess.

Ladies also just to mention,  you do not have to get your kit off  either LOL.! if anyone asks you to let me know and  it will be dealt with 🙂

I am not a regular  blogger, so this  truly will be  just updates and a few shots of what is going on,  but   as I always think Less is more,  and that suits me fine.

wildAlchemi Gallery

More  to come,

Have a  Happy  Day and  Wonderful  Weekend



5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. So Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and looking forward to visiting!!!!!!!!! Super idea, Wild!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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