Well I built the Gallery,  decided  it wasn’t for me, it was  on a quarter sim and though pretty, it seemed  crowded and claustrophobic.

So I removed /deleted  it.

I have however been rebuilding a home in  SL and added  a gallery area and a concert area.

Now having had sims open to the general populace of  SL, I know of the pitfalls in this also it is my home, so I am hoping to open for one night only each month, This will be a  Live music event and will  hopefully be a nice evening. We shall see,!!! having been on the receiving end of Griefers and Personal abuse before when opening a sim  I am of course wary.

At present I am moving  house in Reality and so everything is at a standstill for the moment,  The Great News for me is that the new place has decent Broadband, after  putting up with the wonderful BT wireless BB for several years it will be heaven.

The  Government is promoting superfast  BB for  most of the country suddenly,  probably due to an election looming, but it seems  not to be including  rural areas, (Nothing new there then) Services in Rural areas are and no doubt will continue to be insultingly bad, considering  that we pay taxes and local taxes for services  not rendered.

I for one will not miss the surrounding fields nor the chemdrift from the farm that  rents them, The lack of street lighting, the lack of  Gas fuel, the lack of public transport, the lack of  speed restrictions (70mph down a country lane does not impress me, nor the  fact  that  some assholes have no respect for any life form that may be walking or crossing that lane. and  of course the lack of decent  internet.

It will be nice to  get back to civilisation ( well maybe just for a while anyway)

SL will wait, but I do get peeved at the  costs of Land and prims  compared to Inwordz. Hmm maybe a move  in virtual life might be  worth looking into.

Now if I could just pack up my inventory and move it with me, I would be long gone.

Have a Great Week



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