Ok in the grand  scheme of  things, and in the face of others adversity, my stress is my of my own making at the moment.

Moving House is NOT FUN,  at one time I would have looked at  it as an adventure and been happily slinging the old out for  the new. I was always a light traveler and often moved.

This time however over  a period of ten years I have collected treasure,  something I always said I would not do. Books,  yep the real kind with covers ad pages and  artwork in them. Too many of them,  and  sadly where I am moving to  is much smaller and  the majority will have to find new homes.

Now  that is fine, its just that  a school would  definitely  not want them. they are in the main  Occult based, ok they may want the few psychology and  maybe just about the natural living type tome, but in the main theyre a teeeeeeeeny bit specialised.

Shoes are another thing, and coats, why on earth would i want 12 coats and thirty pairs of shoes and boots, because I saw them and  drooled over them, most unworn. they will of course end up in the charity store.

Then there are the viewings, having the estate agent and  the   prospective  buyer wandering round, at the moment its winter still and having coal fires and a coal fired rayburn is not condusive to a no dust house.

Anyone who says to me  how how wonderful a  roaring coal fire, has obviously  a/ never  had one or b/ has a daily cleaner,

because  cleaning the darn things out and removing the ensuing dust that flies everywhere on a daily basis is NOT  wonderful.

Having to be  in possession of two properties is also not wonderful   that is two lots of bills and service charges. until one is sold, and moving half into the empty one is not an option, as in this country at least,  its guaranteed that the half  you move in one day will no doubt be burgled  by the next day. the buggers here  would  take the shoes off your feet if they could, and in certain areas of this country  often do. Bring back  hanging  I say, at least that way we wouldn’t be paying to keep the little shites in  three meals  a day and  a bed.

I for one  don’t give a  toss  for political correctness.  Ha  in the UK  the burgler would get off with a warning  and the  speaker of truth would  be off to HMP for a period of time.

The world  has gone mad,  and if  this move does not start to move, so shall I.

Have a Great weekend.



11 thoughts on “Stress!

  1. I’m laughing because the same sort of thing is going on my way….. I’m floored right now and zero energy but yah reading that made me laugh😜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You speak for yourself Goldstein, I would happily kill the bloody Burglers, a pox on them all they’re vile little shits, on a par with politicians I would say.
      Full of Self interest and fuck the poor victims.
      Ok sweet man Grouch over for the day, well at least one anyway <33 Love you maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man!


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