I could  have  given it  the title of  Woebegone,  Having strangers  wandering  round your territory hmming  and ahhing and asking stoooopid questions, such as does  that Rayburn work as it belts out enough heat to fry an egg in seconds, tempts me to say sit on it and  see! such is my evil  humor,  but reallllly!!

Add to that a healthy does of seasonal flu, where I am coughing so hard that I am nearly peeing my pants, mid choke (and yes  I do do my pelvic floor exercises and No I do not need  diapers, well  not yet anyway, but this has to be one of the worst doses of  Flu I ever had.

They do say moving house is one of the most stressful things  in stress levels, I can’t say I have ever found this to be true,until NOW! I always used to find it exciting, maybe  because it was to a new area and this  is not to a new area sadly;(

The  new place is turning out to be issue ridden and what should have been a week of  paint throwing  for the old fart, and  yes  I call him that to his face,, I never insult people behind their backs, not without  consulting them first, which probably explains why I have so few friends.

The said week is  going to turn into a month of  repairs filling  repainting etc,  the poor old git had just finished the bedroom ceiling after washing the whole place down with  jeyes fluid, Flash/febreze/Bleach, you name it he used it as  chemwarfare was truly needed. anyway I digress just as he was painting the  last  corner bit he  turned to check that it was drying ok, The poor devil  stood open mouthed as  the whole of the  ceiling slowly bowed and fell down! all he could say was  that took me 4 hours.

My  little holy terror of  fur,  is thankfully  blissfully unaware of   all  the madness  going on,  a visit to the vet and the ensuing horrendous bill  said  she had pulled a ligament in her leg. so she is happily stoned on metacam for now and sulking  cos no one will throw her ball for her to chase. lie down  is not a  concept she understands well. well she    understands it but chooses to ignore  that command.

Just to get away from it all I have been putting my dream home together on  SL,  its still in progress as my time is limited, so when I do get there I like to get on with things, so put busy mode on,  Now some people seem to not understand that busy mode  means BUGGER OFF I do not want to chat, be sociable or just because no one else is online to chatter away to that I will do in the meantime.

I have  even stated that there is a MUTE button  and I will use it. Even that does not deter them and as much as I like the odd chat, I really do  not want it when on busy.

Yes I am an antisocial madam, but  when  someone says to me that they are bored, it does not compute , how anyone can be bored in SL or RL is beyond me, I can only put it down to  their lack of imagination or inability to find something creative to  get on with.

I so want to win the lottery, so  that I could move into a home like the one i have in SL. But I bet  many others do  too, in which case  I wish them  all the luck in the  world.

Ok yeah I know its  a dream, but without dreams or aspirations what a sad life it would be.

So I wish you all your  dreams.

Have a  Great Week



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