Finally the house has sold, well it sold  a couple of weeks after it went onto the market, probably due to the  reduced  price it was put on the market for.

The  Old fart is not by any stretch of the imagination a  Handy man, so due to the fact that the place reallllllllly  could do with some upgrading in the wiring and heating dept, we  priced it at 20k less  than the general market value.

OK clean and decorated it may be,  but modern it is not, and the rayburn needs a good service.

Then horror of horrors we get a  form from the conveyors asking  stupid questions ie  will we  leave a lightbulb in each room and  more serious ones, trying to find documents that are like 15 years old in  this house is like asking  for the garden to be transformed into a palm tree laden private beach,  (Frekin Miracle) ok yeah I know  important documents  such as planning permissions and insulation  bla bla bla the list goes on, should be kept in a  nice folder in a safe place.

Now pre old fart days they used to be, but he seems to be determined to stash all important stuff in his shit pit of  Various claimed areas,  ie pre old fart days I used to have a tool box, this little box contained all the things a  girl needs  to  change a  plug, screw  a screw and nail a nail etc.

Small complete and compact.


Old  fart arrives and within months I can no longer find it. it has been claimed  as mans work and therefore not needed by me, now this is fine if mans work actually does mans work, saying that he is  a very happy  man if he is down the  bottom of the garden  with  his chainsaw,  actually so am I, I cant hear him, I can only hear the buzzing of the chainsaw. (Bliss)


So the form is filled in to the best of  our knowledge, except we have not recieved the  Energy performance report that cost 75 quid and took the guy  20 mins to wander round the house taking the odd photo.  The estate agent has it but we dont, and now the conveyors want it. WHYYYY can people not do the  job they are paid for without hassle is beyond me. I should not be having to chase forms round the country when they are supposed to be forwarded to me post haste.


So I am sold subject to contract. and the kennel I am moving to is as I write being replastered and  roofed. yes  part of the roof  blew off in the recent  slightly windy weather we had.

Did  anyone else see  a programme on how hard it was to be  a billionaire. Jeez  it seems they have  so many problems with all this money, I have a great solution,  give some away,  Waves her hand to any forthcoming billionaires,  my  kennel could be extended to a  Double kennel. LOL.

Seriously though  the issues seem to be regarding yachts planes ect and inches of the said items, if  ones yacht is few inches  bigger than anothers (I SAID YACHTS btw) it seems to be such a huge problem for them,  FFS  I promise to buy a  kennel size yacht that will not threaten your inches. Deal. please forward cheque at your convenience. Thank you 🙂

The phone  now  rings to inform me that the surveyor will arrive  next week between the hours of  9am and 3 pm, that is  another day taken wiating round for some plonker  to go into that bloooooooooooooooody loft again. are they eating the  insulation up there……

He will apparently be wandering round for approx 3 hours, 3 HOURS Here. he is surveying it not moving in  I hope! and NO I am not  cooking him  lunch!

After all this  the sale may fall through and  tbh, if it does  by this time I truly  do not care.

My sanity is more important and life is too short for this shit!


Have a Great Weekend

Wild (very by now)


5 thoughts on “SOLD STC!

  1. Omg. So funny. I know serious and the same sort of stuff my way and can only imagine what the city inspectors are goin to say when he comes through sniffing and eyes popping out over all the goodies he’s going to cite. Prolly will say good to go after you fix 15 thousand worth of repairs cuz right now baby you’re not in code…. Omg as I stare and pop his eyes back in 🐧 sending good thoughts and lots of love!!!!!


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