Finally Moved

I have now moved into the Kennel, well I call it the kennel because its sooo small, my old house is still in the process of being sold, due to complete this week the delay being the fault of the local  authorities lack of enthusiasm to  answer the  solicitors enquiries.  Saying   that if I worked  for this local Authority I would be lacking enthusiasm too.

I ordered a  new sofa  because my beautiful  comfy  soft squidgy leather corner unit just would not fit in here, well it would  but  no one else would!!!

they tell me it will be 6 weeks  before its delivered, six frekin weeks, I want a sofa not a custom motorcycle, jeez!

The garden is teeny and a shit pit, so for now  I have thrown my potted plants against  the hateful fence that looks onto next doors even worse shit pit of a garden. I miss  my  jungle of  sitting areas  that was the  make up of the 250ft old garden and my pond that was  ok full of  pond weed,  but the frogs didn’t mind.

I used to wake  to the sound of  birds  yelling for breakfast, now its  police sirens,  I didn’t realize  we had so many police  here;


HA next door  have a HUGE Alsation  doggy, and my little sweetheart only  comes up to his knees, but she soon  put him in his place. she takes  no prisoners,  to be fair the  Alsation is a sweet Gentle old  soul of a dog.  She is NOT!


I am thinking  of  getting a house sign made {THE KENNEL-Two Bitches Live here and we both BITE}   perfect!


Well more unpacked boxes await and if  my darn solicitor  rings me again to ask the same question she asked 3  times previously my language could  get just a little Growlllly…


ahhhhhhhhh such is life, let it flow and make sure  you buy pillows for floor seating




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