The Wild Galleries,

Finally I decide  to open the  sim and  put  some of my SL work  up.   Its been a little while  and I wasnt quite ready, but with some encouragment and a  few half  decent works I  finally did  it.


There are  also many areas  to just  sit  or dance or be  romantic,  My Love of Trees and Flowers  will be obvious,  the  eternal Romantic.


I ask that you respect others privacy and  just enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Wild Galleries,

  1. Hello,,,

    I’m sorry I wasn’t around when i thought I’d be. I came down with pneumonia and am finally starting to feel well enough to do more than watch reruns of mystery science theater 3000…I’ve got some work I need to do in-world and I hope I’ll have some time toward the end of the coming week…

    I visited you Flickr stream and saw some gorgeous new work…you just keep getting better at what you do…




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