What can I say, its getting there a year on and  I am still grouching at Old Fart cos he hasn’t done the spare room and finished my order list for the Garden.

Ok, I hear you thinking well get of your ass and do it yourself. Now had I not had an altercation with a Drunk driver leaving me pretty much immobile and subsequent Heart Failure I would.   In fact I always did do it myself.

The funniest of that was Old Fart went to work one day  and I had a day off from  work, he popped home at lunchtime and I had re papered  the Lounge when he walked in he did a double no make that a triple take.   My motto being never put off til tomorrow, what you can do today. I am STILL trying to instil this into  Old Farts Brain and I am failing miserably.

The Garden is another bone of contention. Having got some nice workmen in to put some trellis fencing up (the neighbours have an issue with their light) so a truce was  called  by using said trellis instead of  the amazing panel(privacy) fences. They did a nice Job too, however on getting the bill for 998.00 sterling there were rumblings from Ol Fart that he could have done it for  so much less. Hmmm  ok when??? in the year 3000 or in his dreams I blithely asked. more grumbles as he wandered  off to  inspect the depths of his shed, which believe me is very deep and full of all the mysterious tools he has and never will probably use.  In fact our friends used to call us dodge it and bodge it. me being the dodge part.

So there is still more fencing to go up to hide the hideously battered fence on the other side. also the slabbing is a teeeeeeny bit iffy.


Mentioning this  to Old fart I said shall we give the  garden guys a call. He just stood staring at me and then asked if I was totally Bonkers and that HE would do it.  My hair is still standing up on the back of my neck at the thought of this and his devil dance when something just  wont go where he wants it and a six inch rusty nail  doesn’t work …

The fence still needs doing and the decking I would love is still in my dreamworld.

So my half done stamp sized garden is still in progress and tbh will probably stay that way, but after six months, that is it, I call in the Garden guys, close my eyes take more  pain control and sleep through  the GRUMBLES!


7 thoughts on “KENNEL UPDATE

  1. Hello Wildalchemi! Thanks so much for your follow and I loved this little grumble. In fact it gave me a smile this morning! ( as I face a summer move and a thousand procrastinations). Btw, are you writing for Windlight Quill and Pen? I am somewhat involved in the storytelling and/or a reader at times at Seanchai when I am able to log into sl.

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    1. Hello Cybelmoon,

      I am always Growling LoL, I am Happy it made you smile.
      In answer to your question regarding the Quill and Pen, I am not involved but think its a Super idea.
      It does not surprise me that you are involved with the storytelling, you Blog is utterly Fabulous and your writing and Artwork equally so. Wishing you a Super Weekend.
      Wild ❤

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