Nude or Not…That is the Question…

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The Edge Contributor, Stavaros Gracemount discusses whether or not one should use nudity in their artwork:

Nude or Not… That is the question…

There are many people with varying opinions on nudity and art. There is a fine line that is tread between the two. After attending several meetings and reading several other articles, I’m left somewhat disappointed with the lack of open-minded people within Second Life.

There are those that claim to be cutting edge, when I have discovered they are more into covering edge. What I mean by my statement is,  as some appear to be fashion forward in their thinking, they are not. They are the ones that hold back the industry from getting any new blood.

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6 thoughts on “Nude or Not…That is the Question…

  1. I am very sensitive to this subject as I’ve seen too much that reminds me of either porn or cheesecake stuff regarding nude images in SL. What is the fine line is a good question. But of course, to each his own.

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  2. Thank You Dune Mouse, I personally do not mind, each to his own. Porn is in Rl as it is in SL. But take a nude shot leave it raw its porn, add filters and shadows, Its Art in some cases. I guess this debate will always be there, Hope you are well and your move is going fine ❤


  3. hey, I popped over to see if you have been blogging and saw this response which I had somehow missed. I guess for me back to the nudity thing, too much in SL is graphic and not symbolic in this and even rather comic book juvenile. Like a kid finding a candy box in the virtual world where for some it’s “anything goes.” However, exceptions abound as always. (e.g.Jarla Capalini sp?)

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  4. Hya Dune Mouse, I am such a Sloth when it comes to this blog. I do have to agree with you on the very bad cartoon graphics that most of it depicts and did take a look at Jarla Capalini’s works and you can see the difference Great Camera angles and and filters make it more Art based than the majority of naked Avatars prancing round Flickr with oversized bits lol.
    I hope you are well and ps VISIT soon ❤

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